Rejuvenating Paraffin Treatment

In recent times, paraffin baths have increased in popularity with our clients. The simple fact of the matter is that this treatment is the perfect accompaniment for men and women who receive manicures. The reason for this is simple. The healing and skin-softening nature of this treatment means that it is also extremely beneficial for those with dry, hardened skin and tired hard working hands.

At Scorpios Peace & Polish, we offer an outstanding paraffin bath treatment that can be done on its own treatment or as part of a combined manicure. For us, our number one priority is you. That is why when you schedule an appointment with us, you select a time that works for you and not the other way around. We know that our clients get the most from our treatments when they feel completely at ease. Not worrying about time pressures or other external factors is one of the surest ways of keeping these distractions to a minimum.


What to Expect from Our Paraffin Hand Treatment

First and foremost, a paraffin bath from Scorpios Peace & Polish will be an extremely pleasurable and relaxing experience. However, that is not all it will be. On top of the stress-reducing qualities of this treatment, it will also leave your skin filled with moisture. The bath treatment will begin with your hands being cleansed, exfoliated and submerged in our customized baths containing warm liquid paraffin wax. Once hardened, the wax will then be removed and massaged to reveal your hands feeling deeply moisturized and conditioned.

What Are the Benefits of a Paraffin Bath?

The reason that a paraffin bath can be so beneficial to your hands is because the wax used in the bath acts as an emollient, which helps add moisture to your skin. Once the wax has been peeled away, hard skin or troubling cuticles are left soft and supple, making your skin look and feel refreshed. The moisturizing benefits of a paraffin bath make it the perfect pre-treatment for a manicure.

Call the Spa You Can Trust Today

If you think that you might like to try a paraffin bath from us, then there is no time like the present to make this thought a reality. Call today and our friendly and accommodating staff will arrange a time and date that perfectly matches your schedule. Once this has been achieved we can get to work on providing you with a paraffin bath treatment that you will remember for a long time. So, what are you waiting for?